2012 Over the Hill Circa 1880 Shiraz

Gold Medal MUNDUS VINI 2015 – Summer Tasting

Many thanks for taking part in the 17th MUNDUS VINI Grand International Wine Award 2015, and
congratulations on the award won by your wine.

Nearly 150 jury members from 36 countries came here to Neustadt as our guests in the beginning
of september. They carried out a professional sampling of the wine you submitted, and rewarded it
with a medal for its excellent quality. Overall the members of our jury awarded this year 33 of the
coveted Grand Gold-Medals, 768 Gold-Medals and 858 Silver-Medals.

Due to our strict rules, the awarding of medals is limited to 40 per cent of entries maximum. Your
wine passed this test with flying colours.

We would now like to wish you lots of success with the marketing of your product